Replace that burden with cash through old car removal in Melbourne

October 1, 2018

Cash For My Car offer quick and easy old car removal in Melbourne and the surrounding area, taking your unwanted car and replacing it with cash in your hand – the very same day.

At Cash For My Car we know that there is no worse feeling than having something that you need to get rid of but not having the time to go through the process of selling it privately or figuring out another way of getting rid of it. It is especially frustrating when this thing is taking up as much space as an old car!

Not only does it diminish the look of your home to have an old car that you don’t use just sitting there, it also stops you from using this space in a better way.

Need a new computer or laptop? Renovating your home? Or simply looking for a bit of extra cash in the lead up to Christmas and the holiday season? Any of these things could quickly become a reality once you contact the Cash For My Car team and have that money in your hands.

Whether you’re located in Weribee, Ferntree Gully or anywhere in between, our team can come to your home and remove your car for you within hours of you contacting us. We’ll take cars that are decades old or newer cars that you don’t have the time to sell privately. And the best part? You’re guaranteed a fair price.

When it comes to getting cash for cars in Melbourne it truly has never been a more simple and enjoyable process. All you need is a valid form of ID and proof of ownership and we’ll take care of the rest.