Get cash for your car with Melbourne Car Removals

September 24, 2018

Do you have an old car rusting in your backyard that needs to be removed? Why not make a little extra cash and have it conveniently taken away so your area is clear and you have some extra money in your wallet? When it comes to getting cash for cars in Melbourne it really has never been easier than with Cash For My Car. We’ll offer you a reasonable price and have the car taken away and the cash in your hands on the same day!

Our convenient Melbourne car removals service offers free car removal seven days a week for unwanted and old cars. There are a few things most car removal companies need before they can take your old car away. One is provide the car removal company with ownership papers such as vehicle registration or insurance papers or a receipt associated with the vehicle as proof of evidence.

If you can’t show you own the car you may find the car cannot be removed. It is also important to provide adequate space to remove the vehicle safely.

Removing your old car can result not only in some extra cash and more space around your home, it is recycling with makes a big difference to the environment. For efficient and easy old or scrap car removal in Melbourne give the team at Cash For My Car a call, we’ll take that weight off your shoulders and replace with a bit of extra spending money!